GreenKLEEN – cleaning oil from sand

This video shows how GreenKLEEN can easily remove heavy shipping oil (bunker no.6) from sand, simply by washing the oily sand several times with GreenKLEEN. Cleaning up oily sand with GreenKLEEN is safe, economic and minimizes exposure to the environment.

GreenKLEEN – cleaning oil from glass in a safe, green and efficient way

GreenKLEEN is a water based, non-toxic, biodegradable degreaser and cleaner which offers a safe, economic and efficient way to remove dirt, oil and grease from a variety of surfaces (glass, metals, plastics, sand, concrete, linoleum, wood). This video demonstrates how easy it is to remove heavy viscous shipping oil from a glass jar with a 10% solution of GreenKLEEN.

Total Waste Oil Treatment

This short presentation gives an overview which chemical solutions Prochem can provide for all different applications in the waste oil treatment, including cleaning, dewatering, deashing, OBM – and waste water treatment.

Functional in your process, friendly for the environment